Movin' Up and Movin' Out

With any luck, I'm going to be moving soon (my friend and I are calling our yet-to-be-determined house the "LoveNest," which our male roommate is not too happy about.) Like many people, I'm neither packed and ready to go, nor do I have gobs of extra cash lying around to hire movers or a van or all of that other nice stuff to make life easier. has some excellent tips for saving money and/or time when you're on the move!

1) Use the opportunity to purge

When you're going through all of your stuff to pack, trash stuff that hasn't been used in 6 months, or anything that's broken, unsightly, or unwanted. Things that are still in good condition can be donated, but the bottom line is that you can get rid of a ton of stuff that you don't need anymore—which means less things to unpack later! WIN!

2) Be organized

You'll thank yourself later. Come up with a system and stick to it -- whether it's separating boxes by room (kitchen, linen closet, bathroom) or by item (pots and pans, towels, DVDs) organizing while you pack will make unpacking SO much easier!

3) Call in a favor

Holler at some friends and family to help you pack things up. Offer to feed them in exchange for some extra hands packing up the kitchen or moving boxes and couches!

4) Hire cheap labor

Gather some of your teenaged relatives or siblings of friends and offer to pay them a flat rate to help you pack up and/or move heavy items. Just be sure you're specific as to how you want things packed—maybe leave the glassware to the experts!

5) Label!

Best advice I've ever heard: YOU CANNOT OVERLABEL! Instead of writing just "Kitchen" or "Bedroom," be more specific - write "Kitchen: silverware, colander, blender, ladle, plastic bowls." This will make organizing your new place much easier and less stressful!

Believe me, while I'm excited to move, I'm NOT excited to pack and unpack all my stuff -- but these tips will definitely make it easier!

Stay awesome!