Movie Trailer Update: The Awakening

Movie Trailer Update!

It’s that time of week again.  Time for another movie trailer update and because I am a scary movie fan, I present to you The Awakening.  A story line that follows the author Florence Cathcart (Rebecca Hall), famous for publishing the book “Seeing Through Ghosts,” a book famous for exposing the claims behind ghostly appearances.
After being approached by Robert Mallory (Dominic West), she embarks on an investigation behind the mysterious death of a young man at a local boarding school.  The plot line delves into her horrifying discovery that this is one case that proves to be more than just a hoax.

Check out the trailer here…

The reason I share this particular movie is because Apple Trailers allows you to view the first ten minutes of the film!  When I initially watched the trailer I was a little skeptical, until I saw the first ten minutes.  Check it out for yourself here, and comment below on if you think The Awakening will be worth the movie ticket price.
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