Money Smart Resolutions


I hope everyone had a good time bringing in the New Year, and I hope today also treats you well. Even though we don’t need a date on a calendar to tell us when it’s time to break or create habits, make goals, and strive to change our lives, this is the typical time we start new resolutions. With that, I wanted to share a few money smart resolutions to use this year.

Eat out less

Go out for special occasions, but more often than not, just eat in. If you spend $10 out on a meal, and you spend $2 a meal eating in, you’re saying $8 (wow, I must be some sort of math guru.) But seriously, imagine you eat out three times a week.  That means you’re spending an extra $1,248 eating out.

Look for coupons/sales

If you have time before you go shopping, look online and through sales papers to see what stores have the best deals. Then see if they have coupons that you can pair up with the deal to save even more.

Make it a point to put aside money

Save money for yourself, for your future, for a trip, and even if you've got NOTHING to save for, save anyway. There may be a time something happens and you’ll be happy you saved. A good tactic for saving: either put away at least 10% of your paycheck, or try participating in the 52 week savings challenge!

Keep a change jar

change jar.jpg

This is something I’ll be specifically trying this year. Whenever you get change, put in a jar, don’t just leave it lying around. Don’t touch the change until the end of the year. Then use the change for… something nice :), or just stack it up on your savings!



Happy New Year,