Money Mistakes to Avoid

As a twenty-four year old with a full time job, a husband and tons of other responsibilities, sometimes it’s easy for me to make a few money mistakes. I might make the mistakes because I'm in a rush, stressed out or running behind. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way, so today, I’m admitting to some of these mistakes and consciously making a decision avoid them as much as possible for the remainder of this new month. 


  • Eat your money

Yes, food costs money, but the biggest mistake we tend to make is overspending at restaurants, gas stations and vending machines. You know, picking up a red bull on the way to an event or calling in dinner at the restaurant down to road can really add up. Instead of eating all of our money, we can take a few extra minutes to buy the snacks we know we love in bulk from the grocery store or the big box stores. We can take our down time on Sunday night to prep our dinners for the week or at least plan them out, and if we must eat out, we can be smart about it. Order side dishes instead of a main course, share a big plate or eat out at restaurants with loyalty programs to earn points for free food! 

  • Pay Full Price

Another issue with the climb to a successful career and successful relationships is wanting to look cool while doing it. Paying full price for that new impressive leather jacket or even paying full price for that 3 pack of t-shirts is a huge mistake. We need to stop shopping out of convince and push ourselves to shop sales and clearance only. Trust me, it can be done. 

  • Spending it all

The last money mistake that is common for all of my millennial friends, is over spending or simply not saving money for our future. This may or may not be a conscious decision, but, nevertheless, it’s a huge mistake. The easiest way to save money is to set up direct deposit to our savings account. This way a percentage of every pay check goes directly into our savings account. If you are looking for a great account that will help you save money check out the Michigan First, First Gear Account that is specifically for 17-25 year olds.  

Keeping it Fresh Young & Free,