Money Matters

Just Another Reason Why Gen-Y Rocks!

Over the past couple of days, I have had the pleasure of being able to speak at a FANTASTIC program geared towards the education of our youth called the Money Matters Youth Camp!  Created by Gail Perry-Mason, a senior director of investment at Oppenheimer & Co. Inc., the camp includes a variety of activities, field trips, and practical lessons geared towards giving kids and teens a head start in the financial and professional environment! 

The week long camp is only $75 and is currently educating our youth for its 16th successful year!  I WISH that I had an opportunity like this when I was younger!  Not only were the parents, volunteers and participants great to work with, but it was evident how committed they were to creating an interactive learning environment for what many would normally consider to be a rather boring subject. If you are wondering what your return on investment might be for this program, evidence of the program’s success is evident by its continuing appeal. The camp counselors continue to return as volunteers year after year even though many of them have gone on to start their own small businesses and get jobs in the professional environment!

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I encourage anyone out there reading this article to check out this program as well as Gail Perry-Mason and her team’s efforts.  They are, without a doubt, leaders in the future financial success of Generation-Y!

For more information call 313.579.6990
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