Money and The Dentist...

Today I got my teeth cleaned for the first time in about 2 years. I am really ashamed to openly admit that, but it's the truth. Getting my teeth cleaned as a child was something I HATED! Mostly because I usually had a filling or had to get a tooth pulled. Today I was a successful adult. Not only did I make appointments for both my husband and myself, but I also didn't have any cavities!  

The dentist did find something else though. A whole bunch of plaque by my gums. She suggested I get a deep cleaning, which sounded pretty intimidating. They told me for deep cleanings they numb your mouth and shoot water in your gums to get all the yucky out of it. It's a 2 hour, 2 appointment process and after insurance the proceeder would cost me about $200! If I don't do the proceeder I'm more at risk for a gum disease later in life. 

So, why am I talking about this on the Young & Free Blog? Well, how we take care of ourselves matters. The more we maintain our health the less money we will have to spend in the future. If I would have been getting my two cleanings a year and flossed every night, I probably would not be in the nerve recking position I am now. What we eat and how we take care of our body really does matter and it really does have an impact on our finances. 

Don't forget to brush and floss tonight! 

Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,