Mobile Mania - Don't Let Mean People Steal Your Stuff

Mobile banking is really convenient, so naturally the tech-savvy age is adopting it quickly. I love the Michigan First mobile banking app -- it's actually the number one way I bank. I'm also shamelessly addicted to my phone, so there's that.

But as with anything online, there are some questions as to how safe your information is. offers some helpful tips on making sure your mobile banking habits are as safe as possible! Here are five key ways to prevent mean people from getting your info - but there are more tips here in the article.
1) Make sure you actually need an app
If your financial institution's mobile site is easy-to-use, you can avoid downloading an app at all. Test it out a few times and figure out what features you can or can't access via the site, especially if you're not a habitual mobile banker.
2) Pay attention to which app store you use
If you choose to download an app, be aware that the Android Market is open to all developers, while the iPhone App Store requires all apps to go through several stages of testing before release. To be safe, download your apps directly from your institutions website or follow a link posted on the site, so you know it's officially endorsed.
3) Read the fine print
Be aware of what apps can or can't do with your private data. This is your money we're talking about!
4) Password-protect and auto-lock your phone
Many apps require a password to use, so make sure your password isn't stored for auto-login. Any random person could pick up your phone and creep on your finances. You might also consider setting your entire phone to auto-lock after a few minutes.
5) Don't use public WI-Fi when banking
Most smartphones have the option of using either the 3G/4G network or WiFi. If you're in a place that offers free WiFi, turn it off and use the network. Don't risk your information on unencrypted WiFi connections!
More tips can be found in the article at You might look super cool while using your phone to bank, but you won't look super cool if your bank account is drained due to your own sloppy security!
Stay awesome!