Mission: NOT Impossible

I guess this could also be called Mission: Possible. Whatever.

I'm referring to saving for retirement early. Many Gen Yers think they have years and years before they should start thinking about saving up. However, these young guns got a tremendous head start, and have started saving anywhere from $1,000 to $300,000. You read that right. THREE. HUNDRED. THOUSAND. DOLLARS.

Almost all of these kids started small, by putting gift money or coins into a savings account whenever they could. Then, they got part-time jobs in high school and saved like crazy. Some invested their money, others just scrimped. The bottom line is that even simple saving habits starting right this very minute can help you on your way to a cushy retirement.

Check out these stories - from a 14-year-old investor to a college freshman who saved up $300,000 - and get inspired to start your savings story right now!

Stay awesome!