Miss Michigan 2015

 Past and present miss michigan's

Past and present miss michigan's

On Saturday, June 20th I attended the 2015 Miss Michigan Scholarship Pageant final night in Muskegon, Michigan and it was such a fun time. I attended last year’s pageant and got to reconnect with some of the people I met the year before. While there I met some of the former Miss Michigans’, one of whom is actually my athletics representative for all of the Wayne State University games I attend! Hi Nicole! J 

The pageant was so inspirational and I was blown away by the brains, beauty and talent that was displayed on the stage.

This year, Emily Kieliszewski was crowned Miss Michigan 2015. I met Emily last year when she was the fourth runner up to Miss Michigan 2014 KT! Emily even remembered me when I went up to congratulate her and snap a pic with her!  (How sweet!) She graced the stage with confidence and really made an impact. One of my favorite parts of the night was her talent piece! Emily tap danced to the classic MC Hammer song, “Can’t Touch This.” She stole the show with that one. In the video clip you can even hear me screaming, because she was KILLIN it!

 Taking a selfie video with the new Miss Michigan. :) 

Taking a selfie video with the new Miss Michigan. :) 

Winning Miss Michigan means Emily has won a $12,000 scholarship, she will be working to make a positive impact in Michigan and will be representing the great State of Michigan at the Miss America Pageant in September.

Emily’s story is unique. This year was her 7th year competing for the crown and her passion and persistence payed off. She never gave up. Emily is not one to back down from a challenge; this is obvious to me because on top of teaching fitness classes, dance, graduating from Michigan State and holding a local title Emily studies Spanish, Polish and Arabic!  Wow. Emily is a graduate from Michigan State University and has a degree in Political Science. After the crown she plans on attending law school and focusing on family and adoptive laws. Go Emily!

Emily will be a great Miss Michigan and I for one am grateful for her example of persistence. Chasing our dreams isn’t always an easy thing; at times it can seem impossible or unreachable. It can become especially hard when we watch other people close to us achieve the dreams or success we want. Emily didn’t let those negative feelings or thoughts get in her way. She pushed passed the challenges for the crown and achieved her goal. Thank you for your example Emily; you are a true representation of Young & Free Michigan.

We can’t wait to watch you on the stage at Miss America. GO EMILY! GO MISS MICHIGAN! 

Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,