Milk That Student Discount! (And RIP Steve Jobs)

Think you can't afford the latest and greatest software or hardware? Think again! Just because you're a poor college student doesn't mean you have to forgo the tools that can help you rock out at school. 

For instance - if you're enrolled at an accredited college or university, you can save up to 80% on Adobe products. EIGHTY. PERCENT. That's Photoshop. That's Illustrator. AfterEffects. Premiere. InDesign. EIGHTY. PERCENT. If you're in a major that requires these programs, this is a huge cost saver.
Apple also offers student discounts on everything from software like FinalCut Pro to MacBooks -- back-to-school specials in the summer usually throw in a free iPod Touch with the purchase of a laptop, so that's something to check out in the coming months!
And of course, Microsoft has discounted student rates for Microsoft Office, Windows 7, and selected PCs.
So PLEASE don't let me catch you paying full price for these products, when you could be flashing your student ID and pretending it's a sweet VIP card.
[This post is dedicated to Steve Jobs . . . RIP. I'm a Mac, not a PC, for life.]
Stay awesome!