Before you buy a house...

It’s time for a new Mortgage blog. If you want to read the previous blogs from my interview with the Michigan First Mortgage, team click here or here

Today, we are going to talk about something that might be common sense to most people, but when Brian from Michigan First Mortgage told me this, I was like, WHAT? 

When you begin to consider purchasing a home, it’s important that you speak with a mortgage officer before you even think about searching for a real estate agent. Getting pre-approved for a mortgage can save you so many headaches during your house hunting journey!

Some reasons why this is the best approach:

  • You’ll know exactly what you can – and can’t! – afford. Imagine looking through hundreds of potential dream homes online, only to discover that you can’t afford anything even remotely close to that. This way, your expectations will be realistic and you’ll save a lot of time and disappointment.
  • Your real estate agent will have something to work with. When you’ve already secured financing and have an absolute budget, your agent can better meet your needs. 
  • You’re more likely to get the house you want. Agents and sellers are less likely to accept an offer without guaranteed financing. When you’re pre-approved, everyone knows they’ll get paid – and you might have more haggling power when it comes to adding in appliances, covering closing costs, and more.
  • You’ll be so much less stressed. You won’t be worrying over how you’re going to pay for everything, or if you’re stretching your budget too thin. Your home search will probably take longer and you’re more likely to be turned down. Don’t add stress to an already stressful process!

Take it from the team at Michigan First Mortgage – pre-approval is the way to go! Give them a call at 877.312.9033 or visit if you’re dreaming of your perfect home. I promise they’ll take care of you!