The 2013 Michigan First Credit Union Annual Meeting Recap

Earlier this month, Michigan First Credit Union held their Annual Meeting! What is the Annual Meeting exactly? It’s a chance for our members to meet with the board members, senior leaders and other team members. It’s also an opportunity for members to share their thoughts or concerns on how Michigan First is doing.

 The board of Michigan First Credit Union!

The board of Michigan First Credit Union!

The Annual Meeting was filled with information. The board discussed the company performance in 2013, answered member questions, talked about new products and services, and discussed the future of the credit union!

It was awesome being able to partake in and have a say about what’s going on in Michigan First. There really are perks to being a member of a credit union, specifically that my thoughts and opinions matter. Not to mention, the Annual Meeting was full of delicious food! ;)  

I know I’ll be going to the Michigan First Annual Meeting next year, and I encourage ALL other members to come too! You really do learn a lot, and if you have something to say, it’s a great chance for your voice to be heard!

There was also a video shared at the annual meeting, recapping the year of 2013 for Michigan First!

Check it out!

Until next time,

Vicky :)