Because Money Doesn't Grow on Trees.

I am always talking about being a good manager of our finances and today I’m going to explain why. I believe that if we change our mind set about money, we will manage it better. Our income is not just something to get us by. It’s like our business. We are the managers of a business that could succeed or fail and in order to be a success we must be a good manager. 

One of the many responsibilities of a manger is to keep track of the incoming and outgoing money. A manager must keep track of this on a daily basis. The cash registers have to be counted every night and any mistakes that were made have to be corrected or written up before the start of a new day.

This is one of the reasons why I love online banking. This is my record. I know how much money I have taken out, how much money I have spent, saved and wasted. Online banking is a simple way to keep track of your finances. Like most financial institutions of 2015, Michigan First Credit Union offers online banking for all members. I love the categories and specifics that online banking shows me about my spending. I can make a transfer, check if my bills are being paid and make sure I am staying within my budget with the click on a button. 

Are you being a good manager of your finances? Check your online banking today! 

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