Making the Most Out of Leftovers

So You Think You're Full Now?

HA! JUST WAIT! We all know that feeling won't last very long. Don’t waste all that delicious home-cooked meat, potatoes, and vegetables! Instead, try using the leftovers as basic ingredients for new recepies.  You can easily turn turkey into a hot turkey sandwich with potatoes and gravy, turkery pasta, turkey pot pie or turkey fried rice! Just be sure to use your turkey within two to three days or freeze it so it doesn’t go bad. If you freeze it, make sure to use it within the month of January before it goes bad.

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If you’re more of a ham person, you’ve got four or five days to eat or freeze it until it goes bad. But still, if you freeze the meat, eat it before the end of January or toss it. With ham you can easily make a delicious ham and cheese quiche or ham and potato soup. Search the internet for an abundance of recipes that turn leftovers into much more exciting meals than eating the same thing three times a day for a week straight! Thank you to for all of the information on eating leftovers.

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