Make It Work...

I have always been interested in camera equipment, and making videos. I asked for a camcorder for my 10th birthday and I took that camera with me EVERYWHERE! If I'm being honest, I'm a little upset I didn't start a YouTube channel until I was 17, see my first channel here. Since then I’ve made a new channel with my new last name, which I plan on posting on more often, after I pass the torch to Erin. Since becoming the Young & Free Spokester two years ago, I dove head first into the world of videography and photography. I have learned a ton, but still have a long way to go. I plan on continuing my growth and career both in front of and behind the camera, so stay contacted with me, because I’m on a mission! 

I’m sure you are reading this blog because, you too are interested in making videos. You can watch tons of tutorial on YouTube to learn how to edit your videos but gear and software are not cheap! So, I thought today would be a fun opportunity to encourage you by sharing a few of my, make it work moments- tech and video addition.


No mic, no problem.

External microphones can get pricey depending on the quality and brand, but having an external mic is so important for recording in large echoey rooms, getting far shots or recording in a noisy atmosphere. The solution is simple, use your phone as a mic! You have probably seen me use my iPhone as a mic in a ton of my YouTube videos! I open the voice memo app and record my audio directly to my phone. Then, when I edit my videos I match up the video and audio.


We lit

Last summer I invested in some legit lights, because I knew my love for YouTube was real and I would not stop making videos. However, recording during the day with the sun behind the video camera works just as well. Like this video! 


Memory Cards

Stop buying memory cards at the drug store or the electronics store- Buy memory cards on Amazon and save BIG BUCKS! 



Use what you got!

I’ve made videos with my phone, my webcam and my Canon 70D. I’ve made videos on Windows Video Editor, iMovie and Adobe Premier Pro. The quality of your images and editing may change depending on your gear, but if you remain energetic, driven and you keep making videos, the progress will happen and your videos can still be attention grabbing and interesting no matter the resolution of the image! As far as what editing software you should use, I recommend you use what you have until you can really justify buying a new software. The editing software that comes on most computers is pretty legit. So, my advice is just use what you’ve got until you outgrow that program.


If you want to start a YouTube channel go for it! If you want to create short films, go for it! You don't have to have expensive gear and a degree in cinematography to be great! Everyone’s got to start somewhere and sometimes, you’ve just got to make it work! 


Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,