Make Gmail Your Own

It's The Little Things In Life...

I might just be a nerd, but I wanted to dedicate today’s blog to something that I just discovered while fumbling through my Gmail, but first there are a few things you should know about me… 

  • I’m slightly obsessive when it comes to organizing my email Inbox
  • I'm a Google fanatic (although I don’t use Google+)
  • I love personalizing my web browser
  • I’m a design student so I love it when I can customize the look of things
That’s why I am pumped to share with all of you that you can now PERSONALIZE your Gmail!  I’m not talking about being able to select a theme from a limited list provided by Google.  I’m talking about being able to upload ANY of your own pictures to use as a background. 

Check it out!

So in other words if you’re creative, you could pull a pretty funny prank on some of your friends if they just so happen to leave their Gmail unattended.  
HUZZAH to personalization!
Until next time