Love Letter to Skype

Dear Skype

Without you, what would I do? Not only can I call other people who have Skype for free any time, anywhere with an internet connection, but I can actually see their face if a webcam is available!
I discovered Skype in 2009 while studying abroad, and to me, it was the most magical invention ever. Gone were the days of expensive international phone calls with rates that seemed to equal my entire weekly income per minute. I could call my parents or boyfriend anytime for free and, best of all, I could see their faces! It made being away from home much easier. Seeing my loved ones' faces kept the homesickness at bay so I could enjoy my European adventure.
I'm feeling the same way over here in China. Skype has been a life saver, even if the 12-hour time difference is a little harder to maneuver around than a 6-hour time difference.  If the person you're calling has Skype, the call is completely free. Smartphones now have a Skype app, so you can talk to someone via Skype just as if you were talking on the phone - for free!
If you want to call someone on a land line or a mobile phone without the Skype app, the rates are much cheaper than a traditional telephone. You can add money to your Skype account via a debit system, which means you'll only be charged the amount you've previously allotted. 
Skype is a great, free program that can help you save money while traveling or even at home, especially if you want some face to face interaction!
Thank you, Skype, from the bottom of my heart.