Looking for an Internship?

Thinking about a summer internship yet?  No?  Well you should be!  While we still have a couple months before the semester is over, job positions will start filling up fast over the next couple of months.  Before you start applying to a variety of companies, here are BYU's 17 tips you should keep in mind while on the job hunt!  There is some good stuff here!


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  1. No one owes you an internship, you have to go out and hunt for it.
  2. The more time you spend looking for an internship, the more likely you are to find the one for which you're looking.
  3. You must be willing to change your tactics.
  4. Talk to people who have successfully found an internship.
  5. Until you get an internship, your job is to look for one.
  6. You must be prepared for your search to last longer than you anticipate. Start early.
  7. Be persistent. Don't give up on a company after just one email.
  8. Do not expect to find exactly what you're looking for; be open to opportunities that may be just as valuable.
  9. Forget "what's available out there." Go after the internship you really want the most.
  10. Once you know what you want, tell everyone about it; have as many eyes and ears out there on your behalf as possible.
  11. Go after many organizations; don't just limit your search to one or two.
  12. Go after any place that interests you, regardless of whether there is a known internship available or not.
  13. Concentrate on organizations that have fewer than twenty employees.
  14. Don't dwell on your faults, if they're a problem for the employer, move on to the next one.
  15. Don't be wearied by rejection. You'll most likely get several "no's" before you get a "yes."
  16. After every interview, write a thank-you note to everyone you saw that day. This includes employers, their secretaries, receptionists, or anyone else who helped you in any way.
  17. Treat every employer with courtesy, even if it seems certain they cannot offer you an internship there. They may be able to refer you later, if you made a good impression.

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