Looking for a Job?


It is officially that time of year again. The holiday season is coming up! And while stores are preparing for the holiday shoppers’ rush, they’re hiring even more workers. A lot of the positions are “seasonal,” meaning it’s a temporary position lasting only for the season. Seasonal positions are nice to have, especially if you’re a student, because these jobs won’t take up too much of your time for too long.

According to ABC News, a couple of places to look into include: Walmart®, McDonalds®, Kaiser Permanente®, UPS®, Amazon®, Chrysler®, General Motors® and Macy’s®

Still, some companies are hiring with intentions to keep the employee LONGER than this winter/holiday season. For example, I applied at Family Video® during this time last year. They weren’t looking for “seasonal” workers, but long term employees. And the reason that they were hiring is because this is the perfect “down time” to train employees. The holiday break isn’t quite here yet and summer vacations are over. This gives employers the perfect time to hire and train future employees. Michigan First Credit Union currently has positions open for application as well, including full time and part time positions, entry level positions, management, and IT jobs. For more information on our listings and jobs, check out the Michigan First Careers website.



So if you’re looking for a job somewhere, now is the time to apply. Whether it’s for a seasonal position and you plan on simply saving up some money to buy gifts for your family this year or if you’re looking for something long term, there are MANY good options available to you! :)


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