Lone Solo

Another Valentine's Day has come and gone. Did you have to sit through any lovey-dovey tales of romantic getaways? Wish you had someone to take an adorable vacation with? 

Dude, you don't need someone to go with you! Have you ever thought about traveling solo? It can seem scary and boring, but according to this article from CNN.com, traveling by yourself has a few perks that you don't get when you're with others.
First: There is no itinerary when you travel alone. You can sleep in and spend the day at a cafe, or get up early and hit all the shops, or see every last painting you want to see in that famous museum. You make your own plans, and changing them at the last minute doesn't affect anyone but yourself. Go crazy!
Second: You meet more people. You're not tethered to your group or your partner, so you're more likely to form connections with locals or other travelers. Additionally, you'll seem more approachable if you're not surrounded by a posse while crowded outside the Taj Mahal or Notre Dame.
Third: You get a confidence boost. You'd be amazed at how much you're actually capable of when you don't have a safety net of companions. Asking for directions, ordering that strange-looking menu item -- no one will help you unless you ask! There's also less pressure to act a certain way than when you're in a group of tourists. Want to blend in? Blend in! Want to be the center of attention? Make a splash! 
Fourth: It's more exciting. Being in charge, doing whatever you want, and making unique discoveries puts you out of your comfort zone -- which is always interesting!
Of course, you should ALWAYS be careful when traveling. Stay in public areas when you meet new acquaintances, and stay aware even when riding in taxis. Be proactive in choosing who you associate with -- choose the person, rather than letting them choose you. And if you have doubts about a situation or conversation, don't be afraid to be rude. Speak in a loud, firm voice, and let others around you be aware of the situation.
Read the original article here. Have you traveled alone before? Have any tips stored up? Leave 'em here or on the blog!
Stay awesome!