Living Young & Free (with your parents?)

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This. Would. Be. Awesome.

However, I recently stumbled across an article on that reported a shocking statistic: 85% of college graduates move back home once they're finished with school.

In the past, there was a social stigma attached to the fact that twentysomethings had to move back in with their parents. Freeloaders, mama's boys, what-have-you, college graduates did not want to be "that guy" (or girl).  In today's economy, though, a college degree does not guarantee a job, and without a job providing a steady ca$h money flow, grads can't afford to find their own place once student loans can no longer cover housing.
I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm one of those people.  After studying abroad for a semester in 2009, I couldn't be a Resident Assistant in housing anymore.  Since I live about a half hour's commute away from my alma mater, I decided to save money and live at home. I'm lucky enough that my parents are a) supportive and b) non-helicopter-parents, so I have never felt oppressed or restricted by moving back in with the parental units.  For some people, though, moving back home can be stressful.
Stay strong, Generation Y!  You are not alone. If you find yourself having to move back home, moving your whole life back into a 10x12 bedroom with a twin bed and teenybopper posters on the walls, take comfort in the fact that 85% of your demographic is doing the exact same thing. 
(I might be the only person that still has teenybopper posters on her walls, though.)
Stay Awesome,