Living Young & Free Show 090: Identity Theft

In this episode of The Living Young & Free Show Caressa from St. Louis and Vicky in Michigan go over tips to avoid identity theft.

Young & Free Michigan Team

Though that video is fun, Identity theft is a REALLY scary thing. Could you imagine having someone else go around, spending YOUR money, pretending to be you, and making YOU deal with the consequences of their bad actions? Once a thief takes your identity, not only can they blow your credit, they can even have you arrested for crimes you didn’t commit!

Looking through the Living Young & Free Field Guide and Identity Theft Assistance, I found some really interesting statistics, including:

  • 1 in 13 households gave away personal information in response to “phishing” email
  • 1 in 7 of those households lost money
  • 1.7 million households were victims of ID theft committed over the Internet.
  • An estimated 11.7 million persons, representing 5% of all persons age 16 or older in the United States, experienced at least one type of identity theft in a 2-year period.
  • 15.1% of people claim they fell victim due to a lost/stolen wallet, checkbook or credit card.

Don’t become another statistic. For tips on how to prevent identity theft, check out the Living Young & Free Field Guide: Protecting Your Identity.


May banks and credit unions offer some sort of identity protection that may be worth looking into. For example, here at Michigan First, we have ID Safe ChoiceSM. ID Safe Choice is a program that helps you to restore your identity once it has been stolen. ID Safe Choice and other similar programs make sure you’re not left out in the cold once your identity has been taken from you. 

Here are a few things that an identity protection service can help with:

  • Placing alerts on all three credit bureaus
  • Completing and filing forms
  • Early warning alerts
  • Reimbursement expenses
  • And more!

Keep in mind, these programs usually charge a small fee for the help they provide, so make sure you get the details!

For more information about Michigan First identity protection and ID Safe Choice, take a look at our website here.



This has been written by the real Vicky Goldwater, no imposters here. :)