Lip Sync for Jay-Z™

SO, the lip sync contest has been going on for a little bit now… and I’m still waiting to see some lip sync skills! For those of you who are JUST NOW hearing about this, let me give you a little more information :). The contest is a SUPER fun chance to submit a lip sync video of you or a group (between the ages of 18-25) to Once you’re done having fun creating and submitting the video, you've got to rally for votes because the lip sync video with the most votes wins! The winner receives TWO Jay-Z  tickets AND $100 cash!

The most awesome part about it is… there’s NO catch! And NO spam! It’s just a fun chance to make a video and win some money/score concert tickets ;). What’s even cooler is that your chances of winning are WAY high!

There are only 12 more days to enter, so make sure you get you lip sync skills a-going and start making some videos :)

If you need some inspiration, check out the video of last year’s spokester Austin as well as the other spokesters lip syncing to some classic songs:

Until next time,