Life After College

Pressure. It comes from all directions for all sorts of different reasons. It's especially true once you've graduated or are graduating from college. Pressure causes so much stress. Stress snowballs and causes ALL SORTS of emotions. My friend and fellow Spokester Lauren, from Young & Free Maine, wrote an awesome blog about it. I know reading it made me feel a little less alone - being a young adult and trying to keep things together.

Check it out!

"Life after graduation is not easy. Like I talked about last week, many changes happen after we leave school. If you're a recent grad (or will be) you've probably had some lost, lonely, sad, and confused moments. It's okay, it might just be a quarter life crisis

Often times when we graduate from college we experience a certain amount of pressure from society. Whether it be the pressure to find a job — and not just any job, a career — or succeed in our finances, relationships, and personal life.

There is a lot of pressure on recent grads to figure it all out in a short amount of time. So if you feel the pressure, you're not alone. Take a look at the infographic below and you'll really see you're not alone. 


[All credit for this infographic goes to this USC Social Work article


Want to better equip yourself to handle all the pressure? I've linked the websites from the "How To Handle It All" section of the infographic so you can explore: networking, financial planning, job searching, graduate school, mental health and mental illness."

Remember, you can always use me here at Young & Free Michigan for financial health and anything else you might need. You can also reach me through Facebook and Twitter if you EVER have a question or are curious about something.

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