Layaway Angels

Have you heard the stories of the "layaway angels?" This seriously makes me want to cry with joy.  

All over the country, an epidemic is spreading, and it's not a disease. It's giving.  From Oregon to North Carolina to Washington, anonymous people have been paying off strangers' layaway tabs at big retailers like Kmart.
KJ Dellantonia of the New York Times writes that the allure of being a layaway angel for those who can afford it is its simplicity: it's direct, it's effective, and it's a pure way of giving -- there's no public recognition for the giver, and the effects are immediately appreciated by the recipient. People do it because they want to help, and nothing more.
It's stories like these that make me appreciate the inherent good that lies within most people. This holiday season, try to take a step back and do something for others, whether it's your friends, family, or a complete stranger!
Stay awesome!