Late Night Store Discounts

When it comes to saving money, it actually pays off to do your grocery shopping at night! Not only will the store be a little less crowded, there will also be late night store discounts. Many stores will discount baked goods and other items they want to get rid of once it starts getting later. For example, walking into Kroger at 8 PM, I can buy a dozen donuts for only $2.49, compared to buying them for $5.99 at 2 P.M. And Kroger doesn’t only discount donuts; they also have other baked goods like cakes, cookies and breads, all at half of the price they’d usually be.

Get this: many stores offer these deals. Refrigerated sandwiches, cheeses, pizzas and salads are almost ALWAYS available at a discounted price later at night.  On top of that, many stores start putting out other clearance items at night, like face washes or batteries; this what they’ll be ready to sell in the morning.

SO – if you’re looking for a good deal and more walking space while you’re doing your grocery shopping, consider going around anywhere from 8 to 11 PM; this is the BEST  time to receive store discounts!

Until next time,