10 Easy Last Minute Costumes

Halloween can sneak up on you and you're left with nothing to wear! No worries because there’s nothing easier than turning a basic outfit into a full out costume. Here are 10 easy costumes you can create.



1. Cat Costume

Pair a black outfit with ears and you're done!


               2. Grease

Who doesn't love Grease? Pull out your favorite leather jacket and pants and you're good to go!


   3. Black Swan

This is a really artsy and classic look. 

Cat burglers.jpg

                4. Burglars 

Steal the show with a cute burglar costume!


5. Jigsaw

Go the scary route and turn your favorite blazer into a nightmare!


                    6. Lion

Get wild and crazy with this look! Tease your hair and add ears to create this ferocious look.


7. Wednesday Adams

This look is so simple and cute. Put your hair into two pigtails and add a black dress!

Lumber jack.jpg

        8. Lumber Jack

Who doesn't love a lumber jack? This look is so simple. Grab some jeans, a flannel, and a fake axe. 

             9. Cowgirl  

Grab your hat and your jeans! This look takes seconds to create. 


10. Nerd

Suspenders, a sweater, and some pants and you're done! Oh, and don't forget the glasses. 


Just like that, ten quick and easy looks for Halloween. What are you wearing this Halloween? Tag me in all your Halloween pics @YoungFreeMI.





Stay Young & Be Free,