This is your last chance to get your Spokester applications in! 

I’ve been advertising the best job in the state of Michigan for a little over a month now on the website, all over social media and by word of mouth. The YouTube ad I created about the job has over 9,000 views! But today is the last day to get those applications in. Don’t miss the 3pm deadline. It’s important that you remember this is a real job, with real responsibilities, so you should approach it like one. But don’t be too serious -- you need to bring all the energy you’ve got!

This job has the potential to bring you some amazing opportunities if you take advantage of the platform you are given as the Spokester. Remember, when you become the Spokester, you are becoming the face of a movement to impact other young adults around Michigan to be good managers of their money and live a Young & Free life. 

Good luck to all of the Spokester applicants.

The next step to becoming the Spokester is to rally all of your friends, family and even strangers to vote for you!. The voting phase for the Spokester search starts on March 9th at noon and will go through March 23rd at 3pm.

I will talk to you more about the voting phase when that time comes. Until then, rest, relax and think about what your first moves as the Young & Free Spokester will be.

Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,