Land Your Dream Summer Internship with These 5 Application Tips

One of the most stressful times for a college student is springtime because that’s when they’re trying to land the perfect summer internship. From typing a flawless application essay to gathering your official transcript, having solid internships throughout college can be the jumpstart to a successful career. But don’t think they’re easy to score. Now more than ever, internships are becoming extremely competitive. Here are a few ways to bump your application to the top of the pile.

Get Creative with Your Experience

Squash the idea that experience means a “job.” Dump that thought in the nearest garbage right now. Experience can mean several things from community service to leading a class project. Any experience you’ve had that makes you more qualified for the intern position is worth placing on your application.

One-Page Resume (No More, No Less)

Only put the most important and impactful experiences, skills, and volunteer opportunities on your resume. After your freshmen year of college, scrap all the high school stuff on your resume unless it was extremely important. High school clubs, student council, etc. is no longer relevant. College breeds new experiences. Condense the number of things on your resume, and expand on the few things that are really important.

Dress Professionally to Your Interview (Then Knock It Out the Park)

Most college students will wear business casual to an internship interview. That’s okay. But if you really want to stand out, dress business professional and wear a suit. It gives you that extra umph. If you are conducting a phone interview, still dress how you would for the actual in-person interview. Studies show that it makes a difference in how you communicate via phone.

Send a 'Thank You' Email

This is so important! If your internship requires an interview, whether phone or in-person, send a thank you email. In this email, be sure to 1) thank them for their time, 2) recap on a point that resonated with you from the call and 3) emphasize how you think this internship will impact your future. Short, sweet, and to the point.

Submit Your App a Few Days Before the Deadline

Crucial. Most college students wait until the deadline. The system might crash. Anything could happen. Plus, whomever is sifting through these apps may take a little more time to review yours if you submit early when only a few applications have come in. Wait until the last minute… your application has a lot more competition.

Keep scouring for those internships and keep these tips in mind. If you’re interested, Michigan First just posted our Marketing Intern position for the summer!

Be Easy,