Labor Day Sales!

Not only is Labor Day a terrific time for vacation, it’s also the perfect time to go shopping! If you didn’t know, many stores have Labor Day discounts and AWESOME deals during Labor Day and Labor Day weekend. With summer clearance, back to school and the start of fall, it all adds up for some great savings! Expect mega-deals on summer clearance as well as fall fashion.

Before you get out there to find some bargains, make sure you look for coupons. There are tons of coupons online that you can pair up with those Labor Day deals, meaning that you save even MORE money!

Check out this video from ABC news, providing tons of tips and information on labor day deals:

And for some labor day coupons, check out this couponing website.

They have deals on everything from Toys-R-Us® to Amazon® to Ace Hardware!®

I'll see you shopping :)