Kicking the Sugar GOODBYE

candy heaven

candy heaven

Sugar is addicting. You take one bite, you want two. You take two bites, you want 10, and so the cycle goes...  Though sugar is deliciously sweet and tastes like it should be good for you, it isn't. Sugar can lead to diabetes, obesity, and cavities (believe me, my dentist would know.) PLUS feeding your sugar habbit can be PRETTY expensive. If you buy a bag of swedish fish a day (some of us buy two...) you're looking at a swedish fish expense of about $912 a year. That candy you're eating suddenly doesn't sound so good, does it? But guess what. Like mentioned before, SUGAR IS ADDICTING. It's not that easy to give up.

I found some pretty good tips to giving up sugar for good on the Mother Nature Network, check them out below: 

  • 1. Get properly motivated 
  • 2. Stop drinking any form of soda pop and other sweetened drinks 
  • 3. Don’t eat or buy packaged foods
  • 4. Make wise choices when eating out
  • 5. Eat a well-rounded diet, especially concentrating on protein and vegetables]
  • 6. Challenge yourself to go completely "sugar-free” for two weeks
  • 7. Get a friend who is interested in reducing or eliminating sugar to join forces with you
  • 8. Deal with cravings
  • 9. Go have fun!
  • 10. Enjoy beautiful food without sugar
  • 11. Use the 2 teaspoons of sugar rule

For way more details on these tips, make sure you check out the website. Though giving up sugar is hard, it will be worth it. Nothing should be able to control your life... Especially not sour patch kids or ice cream.


Until next time, 

Vicky :)