You've heard it. You may be sick of it. You may be completely outraged, or so annoyed by the public's fascination that you want to chuck your TV, computer, smartphone, etc. out the window.

But I'm here to combine pop culture with money matters, and there's no escaping it . . . 

AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! (source)

Kim Kardashian. She was married for a hot second. How hot, you ask? 72 days. Wanna know something that lasted longer than Kim's marriage? My Bubblicious bubble gum. Okay, I'm done with that, on to the money matters.

The New York Times recently calculated approximately how much money Kim made on her doomed nuptials. This is called, appropriately, "Kardashianomics." A summary, according to Kardashianomics and the New York Times: 

Kim was paid:

$15 million for four-hour, two-part wedding special on E!

$2.5 million for exclusive photos with People magazine

$300,000 for an exclusive engagement announcement with People

$100,000 for exclusive rights to a bridal shower with Britain’s OK! mag

$50,000 to have a bachelorette party at Tao in Las Vegas


Per the calculations of some Kardashianomists, that amounts to being paid $10,358.80 per hour just for being married for 72 days. 

I'm not even going to tread the muddy waters of posting an opinion about this. I'll let you guys do the talking.


Stay awesome!