3 Ways to Improve Spending Habits in 2016

Here are three ways to improve your spending habits for the new year.

1. Allowance

Give yourself a spending allowance with every pay check. Make sure this allowance is budgeted for. I find that this works best if you use cash only for your spending allowance. That way, you aren’t as tempted to spend more than you budgeted for. 

2. Shop Around/ Plan Ahead

Impulse purchases are the worst kind of purchases, because they are usually a waste of money. Before you go out and buy a product, do a little research and see if you can get a better deal on it somewhere else. Also, plan ahead as much as possible. Plan ahead for social events, birthday parties, anniversaries, holidays…basically anything that will cost you money you should try to plan ahead for it. 

3. Apps

Always check the store's website for coupons or discounts before checking out. Also, my husband told me to download an app called Coupons. It is amazing, I open the app, type in the name of a store, and all of the coupons for that store come up. It has saved us a ton of money already. So, download some money saving apps to help you out a little.

Don’t let your spending habits be the cause of a bad 2016. Let’s be good managers of our money and do what we can to improve our financial situations one day at a time.

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