Jumpstart Your Brain!

My Brain is Mush Today!

Have you recently had a day where your brain felt like mush?  A day where despite how much coffee you drink, inspiration and focus seem to not want to be your friend?  Well, I’ve had plenty of these types of days in my time as a college student and while most of them are a direct result of lack of sleep, every once in a while they come out of nowhere and leave me feeling like an unproductive frumpy mess.  Sometimes the best cure to this is to dedicate a day to rebooting your system and getting a little bit of well-deserved R&R….but what if your busy schedule doesn’t allow for a mental health day?
Below are some quick tips and tricks that you can use to get the hamster wheel rolling if you’re riding the struggle bus.  Believe it or not, coffee can’t always be the cure to everything and Murphy’s Law states that the day you’re struggling the most will be the same day the coffee machine decides to take the day off…

Check it out

Change up your routine:  If you are feeling down in the dumps, try moving your desk or work place to a new location for the day.  Preferably somewhere near daylight.  The new environment can sometimes help spark a new idea or train of thought.
Do a lap around the building:  This trick is something that I do often when pulling late nights in my architecture studio.  If I’m feeling especially zombie- like, a quick walk through the school halls often gets my blood and brain pumping again.  Note: Stretching is another great alternative that has the same effect.
Power nap:  Now I only suggest this one if you have a good sense of self control.  If you find yourself staring at the same blank page with pencil in hand for what seems like hours, try taking a quick nap break to hit the mental reset button.  It can be amazing how much more productive you can be after you’ve dedicating a little bit of time to tuning out the rest of the world.  Just make sure you set an alarm or else that 30 min nap could turn into a 4 hour coma!
Talk it out:  Starting up a conversation is not only a good way to get feedback, but it also can help spark fresh ideas.  If you are feeling a little unmotivated, ask a friend to take a look at your work and have them give you feedback.  While you may not always agree with the feedback, challenging the thought process is a great way to jump start the brain.
There are actually tons of other quick ways to give yourself a mental reboot.  However, if I tried listing them all out I would be here forever.  Just know that while having an off day is normal, sometimes when work comes into play you don’t always have the option of accepting that as the status quo.  Much like your finances, you should always be in control.  Don’t let a dull day ruin your productivity at school or work. Take these easy tips, splash some cold water on your face and take the reins back!  You’ll be surprised how quickly you can turn that frown upside down!
Until next time,