Jennifer's Challenge Blog: Same but Different

Editor's note: We challenged all of our finalists to write a blog post. "From your own experience, what are the top 3 financial issues facing your generation?"

As young adults we all have different financial circumstances. I think a few matters we can all learn from are learning how to save, learning how to invest and how to really plan for our long-­term financial goals. 

We are young and but we are growing into an age that will be the launch point for determining how financially savvy we will become. Will we want to buy a house? Fund a hobby? Start a business? 

Think about it, were there times in your life you could have benefited from having a small rainy day fund? I know I sure could have. Whether it was offering a little comfort after graduation or handling an unexpected auto expense, this is a lesson we often learn the hard way. 

Now that I have learned the importance of having emergency funds tucked away it would be amazing to know what I could do with my savings to improve my long-­term financial stability. Let’s face it, we may be young but we won’t be that way forever and the best way to transition out of early adulthood is with a financial plan that we understand and that we can execute. So here’s to beginning that plan. Brainstorm, what’s your biggest dream? Let’s figure out ways to fund them together!