James Bond is Back!

Attention  007 Fans!

It’s here!  The next installment in Ian Fleming’s James Bond 007!  Daniel Craig returns as James Bond in the longest running movie series ever under the direction of Sam Mendes!  This time James Bond is forced to evaluate his loyalty to M16 and M as her past comes back to haunt her.  007 is forced to hunt down and track the enemy no matter what the cost is.
Now if you’re trying to connect the dots from Casino Royal and Quantum of Solace to this new edition, STOP!  It has been confirmed that this new chapter will be a stand-alone story with little connection to the previous two movies.  Flemming says there is no need to continue on because Quantam of Solace wrapped up that plot line.  However he is excited for the possibility of introducing new characters to the Daniel Craig series.  It’s even rumored that we might learn where Moneypenny and Q came from!
As far as casting goes, the new Bond girls are Naomi Harris (Eve) and Berenice Marlohe (Severin).  Ben Whishaw will be playing Q and of course Judi Dench will be returning as M.  The English newspaper, The Sun, has claimed that this will be her last role in the 007 series and is leaving the film.  While this is unconfirmed she undoubtedly plays a huge role in Skyfall’s plot.
As for me, I am pumped.  After being a little disappointed by Quantum of Solace I am hoping that Mendes pull this one together.  Luckily for me the movie is set to be released in theaters in late November which is conveniently located near my birthday.  Take a second to check out the trailer below and leave a comment on how you think the next installment will do!

Check it out!

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