Bet You Didn't Know it's Not Just FREE Slurpee Day... It's Slurpee Week #711

This is real life Christmas in July. FREE SLURPEE DAY! 7-11 is half genius, half saint, for creating this wondrous holiday. This afternoon, I made my rounds to three different 7-11 locations, gettinggood ole slurpee wasted. I have no shame when it comes to free stuff.....

I tried pretty much every flavor they offer. My stomach hurts because it couldn't even take the goodness.  Here is a list of 7-11 locations in Michigan!

Oh yeah, and if you're a super slurpee lover, there's something even sweeter in store for you! It's not just Slurpee Day, it's Slurpee Week! Buy seven slurpees, get 11 free. Here's how it works: Download their free 7Eleven app and sign up for their 7Rewards. Then, scan your app when you buy each slurpee of any size by July 18. Then, you have until August 31 to redeem your 11 free slurpees (on the app, of course). Sweet, right?

Signing up for your favorite stores' rewards programs can save you a ton of money!

In the mean time, Happy 7-11!

Be Easy,