iPad Mini?

Attention Tablet Lovers

It’s been a big month for Apple!  Gearing up for the holiday seasons, they have been introducing a slew of new products.  One of their latest additions to the Apple family is the new iPad Mini!  Apple paid no great expense when coming up with a creative name for this product.  Like the name states, it is literally just a smaller version of the iPad.
Critics are already bashing Apple for this uncreative response to smaller competitor tablets.  While the idea of making a less awkward iPad peeks my curiosity, I wonder if the new size will be enough to drive consumer interest during this holiday season.  The new design is cheaper, but not significantly enough to give it a substantial leg over other small tablet designs.
So the questions is, is the new iPad Mini worth all the fuss?  Will it be a product that consumers are attracted to?  Will it be a success or flop? More importantly, will it be worth your hard earned cash this holiday season?  Take a look at the product video below and comment with your own opinion!

Check it out!

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