Introducing...the Hawaii Chair

After an eternity of searching I FINALLY found a way to get back my six-pack abs that were lost sometime between High School and the Freshman 15. Foolish me thought in order to get washboard abs, I needed to do hours upon hours of backbreaking sit-ups. I tried workout videos, complicated machines at the gym and even a slew of terrible TV Infomercial products. Eventually I just gave up. 

But…then there was the Hawaii Chair... 

Special thanks to Ellen Degeneres for testing this out for us.

Turns out, all I needed to do was purchase this dream product (NOT). After watching this video I immediately did some research into how much a product like this would cost. On average a new Hawaii Chair costs around $230.00!  You can still order it by visiting Perfect USA’s website by clicking here. Below are some hilarious testimonials… 

"You can hardly call this work. With the Hawaii Chair, it takes the work out of your workday."
"If you can sit. You can get fit. The Hawaii chair!"
“It takes the work out or WORKout!”

Now I hope none of you actually think I was being serious in this post.  However, it is funny though how many of us do make the mistake of falling for gimmicks that we see on TV.  Deep down I know that in order to get my abs back, all I need to do is diet and exercise.  Even though paying a chunk of change for a product that promises to give good results may seem like a good idea, nothing beats good ole hard work and determination…not to mention it’s FREE!

Until next time!