Insurance Costs For Your Sweet Wheels

Having a good driving record is only part of getting great car insurance rates. Did you ever realize that the type of car you drive is another major factor in your car insurance rates? 

Some factors that can affect a certain car's insurance rate are:


1) Frequency of crashes for that model

2) Cost of repairs

3) Cost to insurers when the vehicle is declared a total loss

4) Cost of bodily injury claims

For the 2012 models, the least expensive to insure is the Toyota Sienna LE, which is a minivan. I know, I know, not exactly a hot ride. But if that's not your style, consider the most expensive car to insure . . . the 2012 Audi Spyder Quattro, at a whopping $3,400 (oh, and that's average. It could be more!)


Be sure to research not only the cost of the car you want to buy, but the average insurance premium, whether it's new or used. You don't want to be smacked with a huge payment when you got such a good deal on those wheels!


Stay awesome!