Insurance, Cable, Financial Services: Evaluate Your Budget!

Every so often, your budget should get a good look-over. (Pay the same amount of attention to your budget as you do to someone you're attracted to. Good rule of thumb.)

Our good friends over at tell us about three expenses that change regularly! Reviewing your expenses in these areas, exploring new deals, and evaluating the quality of service you're getting should be a priority -- it's your money, get what you want for it!


Over the course of even one year, so many things in the insurance market can change -- new companies, lower rates, incentive programs, etc. Don't get stuck in the "well, they've always been good to me" rut! Even if you have no beef with your insurance company, there's a good chance you could find a better rate and comparable service at a different company. So run a basic comparison once a year to find out if you're getting the right amount of bang for your buck!

Television / Cable

Cable TV is a tricky industry. In many areas, one or two companies dominate the market, and it can be tough to find good rates. In many cases, it could end up being a "you have no choice" scenario. The article suggests thinking about cancelling your service completely, and using services like Netflix, Hulu, AmazonVideo, or other sites to get your TV fix. For some people, though, this just won't work - so just be sure to survey your cable bill and don't rule out calling the company and disputing the charges if you think it's getting out of hand. You never know what you can accomplish with a phone call until you try!

Financial Services

Just like insurance, it's possible to get stuck in a comfort zone with a financial institution if you never take the time to compare pricing and services. Of course, I'm going to tell you to JOIN A CREDIT UNION! But it goes down to the basics; you could be spending a ton of unnecessary money just out of the sheer failure to do some research. Get out there and save some dolla dolla bill$!

So do a periodic overview of your expenses in these areas. It's not about cutting back on your services, in most cases -- it's about shopping around to get the same services you're already enjoying at a better price!


Stay awesome!