In Closing: July's Random Acts of Kindness

Wow. This is the one word that manages to capture exactly how RAKing went the past month. 

Throughout the entire month of July, I was given the privilege to help others in whatever way possible. Each and every day, there were specific acts of kindness I got to do for other people. On top of those acts, I took every opportunity I saw, whether it be holding an elevator door for someone, to helping a coworker out at work, to making dinner for my family, as a chance to be kind. My team and I were able to be kind to more than 412 people.

Seeing the expression on the faces of those who were touched by an act of kindness truly lit up my world. Though it is the end of July, I don't plan on stopping Random Acts of Kindness and neither should you.

To see some pictures from Random Acts throughout the month, click here. 

Check out this video I made, displaying only some of the ways I got to be kind this month: 

Stay kind, 

Vicky :)