If You're Artsy... You'll Love This Event

ArtPrize has officially begun! Michigan First Credit Union is excited to announce that we’ll be featuring artwork for the first time in our Downtown Grand Rapids branch. 

ArtPrize is a really fun and artsy thing to go to with a group of friends. You walk around downtown GR, going into different businesses who are hosting artwork. Look at it, talk about it, and maybe grab a bite to eat, and repeat. Fun right? A cool way to channel your inner artsy-ness, and to find out what businesses are around. 

It only makes sense that our super awesomely artsy-looking Louis Street branch in Downtown GR is the host of our first piece of art. It’s the coolest credit union you will ever see in your life. I want my future house to look like it. No joke. 

The name of the piece we’re featuring is called, “Don’t Touch,” by artist, Alan Casadei. Trust me, you’ll be tempted to touch it. I think that’s the point.

 If you’re in the Grand Rapids area or plan on visiting soon, check out ArtPrize. It’s happening all the way until October 9.  And stop into Michigan First! And you don’t have to just look at the artwork… you can open an account, too. *Winky face*

 Be Easy,