Is your phone turning you into an adrenaline junkie?

Thanks to the awesome TedX day at Oakland University I got so much great content to write about! Today, I’m sharing from the inspirational speech that Mark Ostach gave. 

The title of his speech was, is your phone turning you into an adrenaline junkie. He focused on the fact that now, instead of having personal conversations with people we would much rather communicate through our phones. And unfortunately, without our phones we feel lost. This is a sad but true statement, I mean, how many times has your phone died and it ruined the rest of your day?

He went on to tell a story of how he and his wife had to run to the store to grab some diapers, but half way there she realized she didn’t have her phone. This caused panic and stress, all because she didn’t have her phone with her.  I think this story sounds familiar because, we've all been there!

Mark also made sure he talked about the positives that our electronics provide. The amount of connection, information and entertainment we have at our fingertips is incredible! I mean we really are living in Back To The Future times. Although our phones are an amazing resources for us, we need to make sure we maintain a proper balance and never lose the physical communication, relational development and if I can be blunt, our grip on reality.

Mark shared that there are apps you can download that track how many times you check your phone in a day. If you dare, download Checky to really see how invested you are in your phone.

Use your phone as a helpful device, but don’t treat it as if it 's your life. Thanks Mark for the reality check and the truth you spoke at TedX Oakland University.

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