5 Ways to Save Money on Groceries

Food can be EXPENSIVE. It can be even MORE expensive when you're spending money on fast food. SO - given that I've shared and have been sharing blogs like Cheap and Healthy Dinner Recipes, I thought sharing some tips on how-to save money while grocery shopping would be fitting!

Follow these few tips, and you'll be able to make money stretch even further at the grocery store.

Don't shop while you're hungry

You walk into the store for one thing, and end up with 20 other things in your cart. This is especially true when you're hungry. Everything just seems to look SO MUCH BETTER when your stomach is growling. So - shop after you've finished eating; this way you don't buy food on impulse urges.

Use coupons

If you're buying something at the store, there's a solid chance there may be a coupon out there somewhere for it. So before you go shopping, look in the local newspaper and online, and cut-out or print any coupons you might need! This way you'll be ready to save money once you walk into the store.

Buy store-brand

You might swear by the big brand named items, but get this: they're not all that different. If you compare the ingredients in store-brand to big brands, they're always EXTREMELY similar, if not exactly the same. The only difference is - store-brand items are a lot cheaper.

Buy fresh produce that's in season

According to Business Time, you can save 10-15% on produce if you buy it while it's in season. To see what's in season, check out this chart I found on CUESA.

Shop at night

The store will be a little more quiet during the night, giving you the chance to really focus on what you need. When you go during busy times, it's very possible you might add things to you cart that you otherwise wouldn't of. Plus, stores tend to mark items down when it gets late. For example, my grocery store of choice ALWAYS has the price of certain baked goods slashed in half!

If you have any tips as to how to save money while grocery shopping, please share below!

Until next time,

Vicky :)