How To Save at Starbucks®

1.     Rewards Club

Like many establishments Starbucks has a rewards program which opens the door to free drinks, free refills, and food discounts. The next time you’re in Starbucks, ask about their rewards program.



2.     Get the App

There’s an app for everything and Starbucks is no exception. The app allows you to stay on top of deals and snag freebies on your birthday.

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3.     B.O.B…More like B.O.C.

Bring a reusable cup and get a 10 cent discount.




4.     Free Refills (In Stores)       

Did you know you can get refills on your drinks? To cash in on the benefits you have to pay with a Starbucks card or use the app. You need to show your payment method when asking for your refill and you have to stay in store for it to count.



5.     Order for A Group

Gather up your coffee loving friends and go to Starbucks together. Ask for a French press coffee and you’ll get 32 ounces of steaming hot coffee you can split. It’ll come out to about half the price.



6.     Make Your Own Chai Tea Latte

Simply ask for a cup of hot water and Tazo Chai tea bag. Then add the milk on your own from the condiment bar. 



7.     Save on Room

Usually when you order a tall coffee from Starbucks they ask if you want them to “leave room” meaning less coffee so that you can add to it. Instead of choosing between more coffee or cream you can ask for a grande cup which will leave you plenty of room without compromising on your coffee intake.



I hope you coffee peeps benefited from these tips, let me know how they worked out. Follow me on social @YoungFreeMI.  


Stay Young & Be Free,