How to Manage (Almost) All of Your Banking with our New Mobile App

It’s time to simplify your life with banking on-the-go. Never worry again about getting to the bank before it closes just to deposit a check. Our new app allows you to manage almost all of your finances from the comfort of your home, or wherever you need to be (saving you time and money).

  • Fast Money Access:
    • Use Touch ID:  If your phone has the fingerprint ID feature, you can establish touch ID to quickly log into the app without enter a password.
    • Use Quick Balance: Quick Balance allows you to view available account balances without logging in.
  • Track Your Spending
    • Review Your Statements: Paper statements are a thing of the past. Access a PDF version of your statements at any time on the app.   
    • See Balance and Account History: We’ll balance your checking account for you! Our enhanced app makes it easy to review recent transactions and current balances. You can even check to see if your checks or deposits have arrived.  
  • Manage That Money:
    • Deposit a Check: Why wait in a line to deposit a check when you can do it from the app? Just endorse your check, snap a picture of each side, verify the numbers and you’re done.
    • Transfer money between accounts: Quickly and easily transfer money between your Michigan First accounts with a tap. You can even transfer to other Michigan First members.
    • Pay bills, add payees and view payment history: Are you still paying your bills by mail? It’s time to say goodbye to lost checks and say hello to peace of mind with mobile bill pay. Our app allows you to schedule payments when they are best for you. You can even set up recurring automatic payments so you never forget or miss a payment.
  • And for those things you can’t do online, our app will help you:
    • Find the nearest branch or ATM: Our app will use your location or zip code to find no fee ATMs or shared branches closest to you. You can also set a filter to only include Michigan First Credit Union locations. Our app will even provide you with a map and driving directions.
    • Send a secure message to one of our experienced member service representatives.

 Your money matters, our enhanced mobile app puts it all at your fingertips any time of day. New users with iPhone® or Android® devices can search for “Michigan First” in the applicable app store and download the app to enjoy all the new benefits. If you’re an iPhone user who already has the Michigan First app downloaded, simply update through the app store once the update notification appears. Android users who already have the app will be required to download a completely new app, rather than updating their current version.