How to Make Friends on Campus

It can seem really difficult to make friends while attending college. And if you’re living on campus without even one familiar face, you might start to get extremely lonely. But talking to people at school isn’t that hard after all.  You don’t have to feel alone; you’re not the only one out there looking to turn classmates into new friends!

Here are a couple of tips as to how to make friends on campus :)

  1. Say hello! You might be sitting next to someone in your class who seems pretty cool, who seems like someone you could hang out with. Someone has to start the conversation and it might as well be you! Otherwise, you and whoever you want to talk to might be going through an endless cycle of waiting for the other one to say hello. Break the cycle and be the first one to initiate conversation.
  2. Join a club you’re interested in.  Chances are you’ll interact with people who are into the same t things that you are. For example, when I joined Writing Club, I met A LOT of awesome people who I started hanging out with outside of club as well. Usually you’ll click with people in clubs. It’s a great chance to meet new people who like the same things that you do.
  3. Get a job! Not only will you make money, you’ll spend hours alongside others who are working there.  This will give you an awesome opportunity to interact with other people, possibly making really good friends. Especially as a server, I knew my co-workers would ALWAYS be there for me; we even went out together when we got off of work.
  4. If you’re athletic, join a sport. Sports are a great to connect with others. You go through many ups and downs together, through wins as well as losses. If in a sport during college, you can guarantee you’ll be spending A LOT of time with your teammates, giving you ANOTHER opportunity to make lifelong friends.
  5. Be nice to people! No one will want to approach you or talk to you if you have a frowny face on all day long. They also probably won’t want to talk to you when they notice that they're holding a ton of books and you STILL won't open the door for them. So just be nice! A little goes a long way, and being friendly will make people want to be FRIENDLY with you :).

Hope this helped!