How to Hire Yourself: The 7 Rules of Side-Hustling

One day, I got tired of being broke.  My 12-year old self was ready to boss up and take charge of my life.  Not really.  I just wanted a few extra dollars to buy new clothes, shoes, and other 12-year old things that my mom refused to purchase.

So, long story short, I started doing hair.  And I was really doing the doggone thang.  I charged $15 to blow-dry, flat iron and style hair.  All of my neighbors, family, and friends started booking their appointments.  Then, I took pictures of my clients’ hair and posted them onto my social media.  That’s when my clientele really started growing.

Before I knew it, I was off to college and was making most of my money by doing hair.  Everyone has an inner hustle… you just have to find it!

Here are the rules of side hustling:

  1. Choose whatever your heart desires. There aren’t any set side hustles.  You may be really great at making DIY projects, photography, baking cakes, or DJ-ing.  It’s a free world, folks. Just make sure it’s: 1) something you’re good at, 2) something people want/need, and 3) you can make money from it.

  2. Start with low prices. You might not make a ton of money starting out, but that’s okay!  It’s on the side for a reason. You want to build a clientele, and practice your craft. But as you get better, you can raise those prices!

  3. Don’t quit your day job… yet. If you’re still in high school and don’t have a job yet, this is the perfect way to start up a business! However, if you’re grown with bills and real life, it may be smarter to wait until your side hustle is a steady and substantial income before calling the quits at your job. But hey, do you!

  4. Be smart with the money. This rule is crucial. If you want your side hustle to stay on the side, then by all means portion some of that money for leisurely spending, and save the rest.  However, if you want to grow your side hustle into your main hustle, it is important to reinvest the money you make back into your business.  This may mean buying new equipment, or expanding in other ways like branding (business cards, website, etc.).

  5. Be your brand.  If your side hustle is photography, don’t have an Instagram account full of blurry selfies. If you want to start a t-shirt line, you can’t sport a Nike tee every day.  If you can slay some hair, don’t walk around with a messy bun 24/7. Sell your brand by being it!

  6. Use your network. Post your work onto social media and start an email list! Show and tell the world. Don’t be scared. Come up with a unique hashtag and use it every time you post a picture related to your side-hustle, like #CakesbyKatie.

  7. Have fun! This is something you should genuinely enjoy doing! When we work in our passion without money as the main focal point, we tend to do a much better job at it.  People can sense that passion, and in turn, you will likely make even more money! 

Let me know what your side hustle is! I will share some stories and businesses on social media, if you use #YoungFreeSideHustle.  Follow me on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook!! (Yes, I follow back!)

Be Easy,