How to get more votes...

You only have 3 more days to get as many votes as you can in order to move on to the judging round of the scholarship competition. With that in mind, I thought I would put together a short list on ways to get more votes.

1. Open the Young & Free Michigan website on your phone and have people vote for you on the spot. I did this a lot when I was applying for the Spokester position and it really worked! If I was around friends or family I asked them to vote for me right then and there on my phone. I even went to a few coffee shops and asked a room full of strangers to vote for me. People are a lot nicer than you think. I probably got about 40 votes from complete strangers all because I asked and I made it easy for them to vote. 

2. Call your chatter box relative. You know, the one who knows everything about everyone and will help you by spamming their coworkers and friends with phone calls and emails, asking them to vote for you. 

3. Ask your teachers to vote for you. That one is self-explanatory. 

4. Avoid group texts asking for votes, because people don’t like group texts. Instead, send a personal text message to your friends asking them to vote for you and always include the vote link.

I hope those small pieces of advice will help you out in these last few days of the voting period for the Michigan First scholarship opportunity.

Good luck! 

Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,